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Annual Meeting

9th Annual Meeting (ACM9)


Abstract of the meeting

DateOctober 25-27, 2012
VenueHoliday Inn Hotel (Oct 25, 27) and Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden(Oct 26)-Chiang Mai, Thailand
Participants[ACM members]
Cambodia(MOE), China(IMCAS), India(IMTEC), Indonesia(LIPI), Japan(NBRC, JCM), Korea (KCTC, KACC, KNRRC), Malaysia(MARDI), Mongolia (IBMAS), Philippines(USTCMS, BIOTEC), Thailand(BIOTEC, TISTR, BEDO), Vietnam(VNU)
Taiwan(BCRC), Brunei Darussalam(MIPR), Pakistan(PARC), Switzerland


  1. Public science conference on “Value Added Culture Collection”
  2. Adoption of ACM8 minutes
  3. Task Force Meetings
  4. Adoption of new membership
  5. Adoption of ACM Administration Rules
  6. ACM Member reports
  7. Announcement of ACM10


The minutes is here.(PDF file) PDF icon