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Annual Meeting

12th Annual Meeting (ACM12)


Abstract of the meeting

DateOctober 8-10, 2015
VenueJakarta & Bogor, Indonesia
Participants[ACM members]
NBRC(Japan), LIPI(Indonesia), VNU(Vienam), IMCAS(China), JCM(Japan), KACC(Korea), KCTC(Korea), KNRRC(Korea), MARDI(Malaysia), TISTR(Thailand), BIOTEC(Thailand), PNCM(Philippines), USTCMS(Philippines)
BCRC(Taiwan), MIPR(Brunei Darssalam), DSMZ(Germany), WFCC(Belgium)
MemoThe meeting was held under the co-sponsorship of LIPI-NITE SATREPS project titled "Development of Internationally Standardized Microbial Resource Center to Promote Life Science Research and Biotechnology".


  1. ACM Symposium 1 “Microorgranisms for Energy, Health and Environment”
  2. ACM Symposium 2 “BRC in Indonesia and CBD/NP”
  3. ACM Member Reports
  4. Task Force Meetings
  5. Adoption of the ACM11 minutes
  6. Amendment proposal of ACM Administrative Rules
  7. Proposal for new membership
  8. Announcement of ACM13 and ACM14


The minutes is here. PDF icon