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Annual Meeting

11th Annual Meeting (ACM11)


Abstract of the meeting

DateOctober 29-31, 2014
VenueKINTEX (Oct 30) and Hotel Prima (Oct 29,31) - Seoul, Korea
Participants[ACM members]
Cambodia (MOE), China (IMCAS), India (MTCC), Indonesia (LIPI), Japan (JCM, NBRC, NIES), Korea (KACC, KCTC, KNRRC), Malaysia (MARDI), Mongolia (IB-MAS), Philippines (BIOTECH, USTCMS), Thailand (BIOTEC, TISTR), Vietnam (VNU)
Taiwan (BCRC)


  1. ACM Symposium 1 “Exploiting the Microbial Resource”
    (held in conjunction with the “2014 International Meeting of the Federation of Korean Microbiological Societies” (FKMS).
  2. ACM Member Reports
  3. Task Force Meetings
  4. Adoption of the ACM10 minutes
  5. Information sharing: COP12/MOP1 and ISO/TC276
  6. Proposal for emendation of ACM Administrative Rule
  7. Result of ACM logo contest
  8. Proposal and adoption of ACM13 host organization
  9. Report on publicity activities
  10. Announcement of ACM13 and ACM14


The minutes is here. PDF icon