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Annual Meeting

10th Annual Meeting (ACM10)


Abstract of the meeting

DateSeptember 22, 2013
VenueBeijing Friendship Hotel - Beijing, China
Participants[ACM members]
Cambodia(MOE), China(IMCAS), India(IMTEC), Indonesia(LIPI), Japan(NBRC, JCM), Korea (KCTC, KACC, KNRRC), Malaysia(MARDI), Mongolia (IBMAS), Philippines(USTCMS, BIOTEC), Thailand(BIOTEC, TISTR), Vietnam(VNU)
Taiwan(BCRC), Pakistan(PARC), Portugal(ECCO), Belgium(WFCC)


  1. ACM Member Reports
  2. Special Guest Speech by Dr. Philippe Desmeth
  3. Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of ACM ? reflecting the ten years
  4. Task Force Meetings
  5. Adoption of ACM9 minutes
  6. Adoption of the emendation of ACM Administration Rules
  7. Adoption of ACM12 host organization
  8. Report on Publicity Activities
  9. Announcement of ACM11
  10. Proposal for development of ACM membership rule


The minutes is here. PDF icon