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Annual Meeting

The 19th Annual Meeting (ACM19)


Abstract of the meeting

DateOctober 18, 2022
VenueOnline on Zoom
Participants[ACM members]
BCRC-FIRDI(Chinese Taipei), NBRC(Japan), BRIN(Indonesia),ERDB-DENR(Philippines), MAS-IB(Mongolia), UNiCC(Malaysia), IMBT(Vietnam), IMCAS(China), KACC(Korea), KCTC(Korea), MARDI(Malaysia), NIES(Japan), TBRC(Thailand), PNCM(Philippines), TISTR(Thailand), USTCMS(Philippines)
ICEBB(Indonesia), PU-BRC(Vietnam)
MemoGiven the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ACM19 was held online.


  1. Adoption of 18th ACM Minutes
  2. Adoption of New Members
  3. Organizational Name Change & Organization that No Longer Exists
  4. Host of ACM 20 & ACM21
  5. Any other business