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Task Force: Management of Material Transfer (MMT)


The purpose of the MMT-TF is to create new ideas promoting international transfer of microbial strains through Microbial Resource Centers (MRCs) under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and Nagoya Protocol (NP). Having recognized the importance of MRCs in the development of microbiology, as the first step, TF members have proposed recently a voluntary implementation scheme named “Network of International Exchange of Microbes under ACM (NIEMA)” in which microbes are transferred and utilized in a streamlined way in line with the CBD and the NP. Key elements of the scheme are the common policy called “NIEMA Code of Conduct” and a “NIEMA Clearing House”. Abiding by the Code of Conduct, microbial strains are transferred among NIEMA member MRCs and distributed to end-users for non-commercial research use. NIEMA strain catalog and all the relevant data are stored securely in the NIEMA-CH.


Jung-Sook Lee (KCTC, Korea)


  • Linhuan Wu (IMCAS, China)
  • Suwanee Chunhametha (BIOTEC, Thailand)
  • Jun Heo(KACC, Korea)

Activity log:

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  • Publication of NIEMA system
    K. Ando et al. "Network of International Exchange of Microbes under the ACM (NIEMA) "Microbiol. Cult. Coll. 30(2):85─96, 2014
    To see the article, please click here.(PDF file) PDF icon